Recommended by :
Guide Rivages, Petit Futé 2009, Guide du Routard 2009, Guide vert, Guide Michelin 2009, Bottin gourmand 2009, Guide Hubert 2009, Guide Gantier 2009.

Restaurant closed :

from March to June / and from September to November
open from Tuesday evening to Sunday lunchtime

from June to September
open Wednesday and Sunday: noon
Tuesday to Sunday: every evening

Quality cuisine is offered in tune with the seasons, a cuisine based on the fresh and richly flavoured ingrédients proposed by a carefully selected group of local farmers, hunters, fishermen and market gardeners, achieving an accurate and exubérant mariage of sun-drenched sensory delights and bold régional flavours. Whether savoured while seated around the fountain Under the shade of the plane trees or in the dining room, each dish, every menu enchants the taste buds with its typical Provencal accents.

It's spring !

Cream of mushroom soup with crispy toast 18€/ plat 27€
All spring on a plate 16€/ plat 26€
Snails in small pots 21€/ plat 32€
Large tasting plate to share 32€ for 2pers 10€/pers Sup
Octopus with chorizo and spelt 18€/ plat 29€
Tuna tataki 18€/ plat 29€

Let’s get down to business: let’s set the fire!

½ duck breast (200g) 31€
Prime rib (500g) for 1 person 50€
Prime rib (1kg) for 2 people 98€
Lamb chops to nibble with your fingertips 37€
Dish for children under 10 years, burger steak or fried chicken with French fries 14€
To enhance your dishes (5€)
Truffled mashed potatoes or Green salad
Sublime strawberry and pistachio macaroon 12€
Melty chocolate cake 12€
Limoncello baba 12€
The local goat Cheeeeeeeeese 14€

Dessert wines and digestives :

Muscat-de-Beaumes-de-Venise 8€
Maury Mas Amiel – Vintage 2020 8€
Cointreau – Limoncello – Amaretto – Get27 – Kahlua – Marc de Provence 8€
Cognac VS, Calvados, Armagnac, Grappa , Grand Marnier, Chartreuse, Verveine 10€
Bas Armagnac Laberdolive 1974 60€
 Bas armagnac Laberdolive 1989
Café : 2,80€ Thé : 3€ Tisanes d’herbes fraîches ou sèches : 4€ Cappuccino : 4€

Our menu looks like us!
We want to participate in a gastronomic and cultural approach!
We want beauty and goodness,
organic and natural,
Seasonal ingredients, from home,
that go from the field to the plate!
This will not always be possible,
but we will do our best,
All starts by cooking everything inhouse!